Michigan’s Famous and Historic Trees

The categories of famous and historic trees which the Michigan Forest Association has adopted as established criteria for selection are as follows:

  • Trees associated with notable people.
  • Trees associated with the development of the nation.
  • Trees associated with eminent educators and educational institutions.
  • Trees associated with art and artists, literature and writers, law, music, science and the cultural life of the state.
  • Trees associated with churches and religion.
  • Trees associated with early forestry and conservation.
  • Trees with distinctive scenic and esthetic associations.
  • Trees historic or famous because of unusual size or age. Most trees in this category will already be on record in The American Forestry Association’s Social Register of Big Trees, which includes the largest reported living specimens of native and naturalized trees of the United States. The Michigan Botanical Club runs a similar program in Michigan.
  • Trees that have gained prominence due to unusual form or botanical characteristics.

It was Michigan’s trees that brought her fame and fortune in the 1870’s when enough white pine was cut to pave a path from earth to the moon. Since our trees contribute so much to our cultural and physical well-being, it is only fitting and proper that we honor them.

Copies of the Michigan’s Famous and Historic Trees booklet can be purchased from the Michigan Forest Association.

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