About the Michigan Forest Foundation
  • Michigan Forest Foundation provides an opportunity to make a direct investment in the future of Michigan’s forest resource.
  • Michigan Forest Foundation operates the Dake Memorial Fund for the purpose of educating children about the responsibilities of all people as stewards of the land and for the development of Green Gold publications.
  • Michigan Forest Foundation operates the McClain B. Smith Scholarship Fund for the purpose of providing scholarship grants to “educate the educators” on forest stewardship. Click here for a scholarship application form.
  • Michigan Forest Foundation maintains an educational trailer (the Wanigan) containing displays about forests and forestry. The trailer is available for display at schools, fairs, shows, and similar functions.
  • Michigan Forest Foundation was incorporated on January 6, 1988 by Don Zimmer and Larry Hull of the Michigan Forest Association with a stated purpose…

    “…to receive and administer funds to promote the public understanding of the importance of Michigan forest resources including timber, wildlife, soil and water, to promote the need for continuous management of such resources, and to provide for the education of the general public with respect to the concepts of resource management and the importance of such resource management implementation in the long-term process of resource stewardship.” (Articles of Incorporation for the Michigan Forest Foundation, 1988)

This purpose statement still guides the decisions of the Board of Directors and their investments in projects that promote education, outreach, and advocacy of forests, forest owners, and the public understanding of forests.
Michigan’s forests are faced with growing threats and the importance of forestry education has never been higher. For over thirty years, the Michigan Forest Foundation has given Michigan woodland owners, students, and teachers the support they need to make a difference in their community.
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Michigan Forest Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization passionate about supporting educational opportunities focused on the stewardship of Michigan’s forest resources.
To make a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation, please download our donation form, print it out, and send it and a check payable to “Michigan Forest Foundation” to:
Michigan Forest Foundation
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