Tawas Point State Park, and many other attractions, are connected to the Tawas Bay Beach Resort by a 14.5-mile biking/walking trail. This trail extends in one direction to the State Park with its wind blown sand dunes, swimming beach, walking and biking trails, bird habitats and the historic Tawas Point Lighthouse.  In the other direction it ties together the East Tawas State Dock, the Northeast Michigan Regional Farm Market and the Alabaster Bike Path Arboretum, aka the Iron Belle Trail.
Michigan’s Iron Belle Trail in Alabaster Township has a nearly 7 mile non-motorized path that is also an annotated arboretum.  Selected specimens of trees found in the area are identified with trail markings and interpretative signs as well as a more detailed description available by QR code. The trail meanders in and out of the woods and across a large section of reclaimed US Gypsum quarry area.
The Northeast Michigan Regional Farm Market will be open on Saturday morning.  The market is located at Gateway Park in Tawas City and draws vendors from the six surrounding counties.  It is a well-established market and September markets are usually quite active and exciting.
Heritage Coast Sailing & Rowing is a local not-for-profit organization that builds historic Great Lakes working boats for use in their community sailing and rowing programs.  In September the boats will be moored at the East Tawas State Dock (right next to the Tawas Bay Beach Resort).  Local northern white cedar is the primary wood utilized in their strip plank construction method.  If there is enough interest we can ask HCS&R for demonstrations, and/or hands on rowing and sailing opportunities.
Lake Huron is often at its warmest in September. The Resort and each city have beautiful sand beaches on Tawas Bay and there is a windward-side beach in the Tawas Point State Park. The latter is a popular destination for wind surfers.

Tawas Bay Beach Resort

Entrance to East Tawas Harbor Park and the State Dock