MFA/MFF is pleased to be a partner in funding an intensification effort of the USFS National Woodland Owner Survey 2018 .  This effort allows the eight partners listed below to help create a customized survey to be sent to an additional 500 forest landowners in Michigan in 2018.


The USFS prepares a national periodic survey of private forest owner’s attitudes, motivations and opinions.  By understanding our private forest owners better, all of us can serve them and our citizens better.  Further information and past surveys may be found using this link.

Partners                                                                                                                               Financial Commitments

Michigan Department of Natural Resources                                                                        $3,000
Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development                                           $3,000
Michigan Technological University                                                                                        $3,000
University of Michigan                                                                                                             $3,000
Michigan State University                                                                                                       $3,000
Michigan Natural Resources Conservation Service                                                            $2,000
Michigan Forest Foundation                                                                                                   $2,000
Michigan Tree Farm Committee                                                                                              $1,000

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Donations for National Woodland Owner Survey